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xtf The lyrics can work for snowboarding with a few minor tweaks :) Love the political songs on the album as well, but it's nice to listen to something lighter for a change. Favorite track: My Board.
Fr'n )))
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Fr'n ))) Fresh sounds for disheartening times. Glad to support punk outfits from Andalusia. Appealing and epic as fuck!! Favorite track: December 4th.
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Viktor Very posetiv !
Brings summer in every dark mind ;) Favorite track: Glory Day.
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    Only black copies. Minority Of One debut album. Produced by Pablo Magallanes and Rafa Camisón (Gas Drummers). Recorded by Rafa Camisón at Estudio 79. Mixed by Brian McTernan at Salad Days Studio. Mastered by Mario G. Alberni at Kadifornia Mastering Studio. 16 songs.

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You can download the album for free featuring a beautiful booklet with lyrics and a document with reflections on the songs.Bandcamp don't let us put the mediafire link here, but you can check it at our FB or Twitter account. Also, if you want to support the band you can buy the digital version for only 6€. We will be very pleased if you do it! We put big tones of effort and so much money to have this record.

Puedes descargar gratuitamente el disco con su libreto, letras y reflexiones sobre las letras. Bandcamp no nos deja poner aquí el enlace de mediafire, pero estará disponible en nuestra cuenta de FB y Twitter. No obstante, si te parece bien y puedes permitírtelo puedes comprar la versión digital del disco por sólo 6€. Estaremos muy agradecidos si lo haces! Esto nos ha costado mucho esfuerzo y dinero.

Vinyl edition released by La Agonía de Vivir and In My Heart Empire.
525 copies (105 green coloured)


released March 18, 2014

Produced by Pablo Magallanes and Rafa Camisón.
Recorded by Rafa Camisón at Estudio 79 (Jerez – Andalusia) in October 2013
Mixed by Brian McTernan at Salad Days Studio (Baltimore, MD – USA) in November 2013
Mastered by Mario G. Alberni at Kadifornia Mastering Studio (El Puerto de Sta. María – Andalusia) in December 2013
Artwork and Layout by Txori



all rights reserved


Minority Of One Andalucía, Spain

Five guys involved in the Andalusian Hardcore/Punk scene since years, playing melodic core and singing about politics, PMA, bodyboarding and the scene.

Born in 2011, the current members in Minority Of One played in Truth Through Fight, a youth crew hc band with a bunch of issues released and several tours through America or Europe.

MO1 supports veg(etari)an lifestyle and DIY ethic.
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Track Name: Sunrise
This is the intro.
Track Name: Soundtrack
We wrote these songs to
Get into your head
You’ll whistle this melody
While you are walking down the street

We wanna be the soundtrack of your new rebirth
The sound of a real change

They won’t see us falling
We’ll never die
Cause we are made to be free
We won’t give up

They won’t see us falling
We’ll never die
Cause we were born free

Insecurities don’t let you see
That you are huge and life is great
face your fears push your limits
there's no place for doubts

Chorus again.

They’ll never keep us down (x4)
They’ll never keep us down!

"the aim of this lyric is to introduce all the songs in the album. I mean, even though we talk about different topics in every song, we would like to be a useful support to everyone who is fighting against social injustices or inner suffering"

"el propósito de esta letra es el de introducir todas las canciones del album. Aunque tocamos varios temas en cada letra, nos gustaría servir como apoyo a todo aquel/aquella que se encuentra luchando contra injusticias sociales o que trata de liberarse de sus propias ataduras personales"
Track Name: Glory Day
I heard your words before
Complaining about everything you see
Or anyone who comes up in our scene

You’re wasting the gold days
Letting your own arrogance and hate
Not enjoy what you love

Time slips away
Like sand through our fingers
I guess you forgot
What Side By Side said in their song

Older but not old
That was our commitment
Why can’t you see
The glory days are here to stay

Now, everything has changed
But I can see the same old energy
Hidden between fashion and shit

Stuck, always in the past
It isn’t worth, my friend
We miss you here
That bound would never break

Chorus again.

This is our glory day (x4)

"The glory days of stage dives and high fives are here to stay. Stop looking back to the past. Stop thinking about the 80's or 90's as if those years were the only ones where punk or hardcore was real. It's sad to see how, as we get older and time goes by, many kids only focus on the negative side of everything done in the hardcore/punk scene, spending their time critizing, complaining and destroying what others make with effort. Of course there is lot of shit in this like stereotyped behaviors, dress codes, gossip and rumours..., but there is still so many good things behind all that crap. Remember what Side By Side told us "Never too young, never too old, to stand fucking hard"

"Los días de gloria están aquí. Dejemos de mirar hacia el pasado como si solo los 80s o 90s fueran los únicos en los que el punk o el hardcore merecían la pena. Es una mentira absoluta creer que cualquier tiempo pasado fue mejor. Nos entristece ver cada vez a más amigos focalizan su atención en el lado negativo de nuestra escena. Está claro que hay mucha mierda como las actitudes estereotipadas, la moda, cotilleos, rumores,... pero siguen existiendo demasiadas cosas buenas. Recuerda lo que nos decía la banda Side By Side "Nunca demasiado joven, nunca demasiado viejo, mantente fuerte"
Track Name: The Cure
So here I’am
I’m sad again
I’m feeling tired and desperate
I know the cure and what to do
When things get worse I call my friends

This is the grave for my frustrations
A hardcore show as medication

I wonder what I could have done instead
If I never met rebelliousness
I feel this shit saved my life
My way to be free and do it on my own

This is the life I chose to live
Another state of mind to face
My problems and defeats
I can fight my demons

This is my choice, this is my life
I carry those values in my heart
I’ll be forever punk
So stay away from me!

Inside this crowd is where I feel good
Where I can learn and speak my mind
Nothing to prove and nothing to lose
I get the strength to face this world

This is the grave for my frustrations
A hardcore show as medication

I wonder what I could have done instead
If I never met rebelliousness
I feel this shit saved my life
My way to be free and do it on my own

Chorus again.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"hardcore punk made a huge impact in my life. Not even the school or the college could give me so much. The values we learnt in the hardcore scene, the rebel spirit, the urge to shout to the conventional world "fuck you!" let me start building the self-confidence we all need to think by ourselves and fight against every difficult we find in our way to freedom. This is more than a shelter or a lifestyle. This is a state of mind to live permanently young and rebel. Hardcore punk saved my life"

"el hardcore y el punk supusieron un gran impacto en mi vida. Ni si quiera el colegio o la universidad pudieron darme tanto. Todos los valores que aprendimos en la escena, el espíritu de rebeldía, la necesidad de gritarle al mundo convencional "¡qué os den por el culo hijos de puta!" me permitieron empezar a creer en mí mismo, construir mi propio pensamiento y luchar contra aquellas dificultades que todxs encontramos en nuestro camino hacia la libertad. Esto es más que un refugio o un estilo de vida. Es un estado mental para vivir permanentemente joven y rebelde. El hardcore punk salvó mi vida"
Track Name: My Board
Please hear me now I want
I want to tell you something
this is my love story
between my board and myself


We wake the sun up almost every morning
together on the shore waiting for the swell to come
You have dried my tears, you gave me my best friends
A pair of rubber fins just you my mates and good waves

And good waves!

my board under my arm
I am unbreakable
the only drug I need
when I feel DOWN AND OUT!

Chorus again.

when the good days are coming
or when they all are gone
together with my best friends
or when I am alone

when the good waves are coming
or when they all are gone
my heart beats for my lover
my heart beats for my board

For my board (x3)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"this one is about bodyboarding, but could have been about skating or surfing or bmx or whatever make us to share adrenaline in the company of our friends"

"esta canción trata sobre bodyboard, pero podría haber tratado perfectamente sobre skate, surf, bmx o cualquiera de esos deportes que nos hacen compartir adrenalina con nuestros amigos"
Track Name: December 4th
December fourth
Was a day we won't forget
The same spirit raised against
the oppression based in their lies
this shiny day our people took the streets again
reclaiming freedom, land and peace
like we did too many times

Under the sun of our old land there's a people who always laugh

We’ve been conquered, subjugated
Can you hear it?
We’ve been controlled and put down - we never ceased to laugh
Under control and dominated
can you see it? we wanna see our dignity restored

Still asking for freedom
Still asking for land
we'll keep on fighting - we'll never cease to laugh

Thousands of years of history
Through the Ocean and the Sea
From the desert to the fields
Tartessic roots, African taste
We just wanna see our dignity restored.

under the sun of our old land there's a people who always laugh
a spirit that remains

We’ll keep on fighting


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"In december 4th of 1977 the people from Andalusia (South of the Spanish State) performed a big protest reclaiming more autonomy.That day the Spanish guard killed a man while he tried to hang an Andalusian flag in the Malaga city council. As Andalusians, we've seen how our culture, language and identity has been mistreated, ridiculed and denied since centuries, especially by the Spanish nationalism. Nevertheless, even oppressed, our people never forgot about laughing or spreading its particular optimistic way of living. We just want to show respect to our sociocultural identity and put it in the place it deserves"

"El 4 de Diciembre de 1977 el pueblo andaluz salió al a calle para reclamar más autonomía. Ese día la policía armada española disparó y mató a un sindicalista malagueño mientras trataba de colgar una bandera andaluza. Como andaluces, hemos visto como nuestra cultura, nuestro lengua y nuestra identidad ha sido maltratada, ridiculizada y negada desde hace siglos, especialmente por el nacionalismo español. No obstante, incluso oprimido, el pueblo andaluz nunca ha dejado de sonreir y de exportar su particular modo de vida optimista. Con esta canción solo queremos rendir tributo a nuestra indentidad socioculturar -que no nación, ya que no creemos en ninguna- y poner al pueblo andaluz en el sitio que se merece: ni arriba ni abajo de ningún otro pueblo"
Track Name: Statement
People are asking me why
Cause I use these values as my guide
This is our fucking way, we got a focused mind

We just want to get the most
We just want to get the most from life
This is our fucking way, it seems you don’t understand

Not trying to save the world
Just trying to do our part (x2)
Did you realize it was The First Step?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"The lyric of this song was partially took from the song 'Time To Understand' by the band The First Step"

"Esta canción fue casi totalmente tomada de la canción 'Time To Understand' de la banda The First Step"
Track Name: Hello, Anxiety!
I can’t handle it this time
It is growing more and more
I can’t stop thinking about this
‘bout all my mistakes
“hello anxiety, welcome on board,
I know you’re here to ruin my life?”

Suffocated again
Oh! I had enough
this life is pain

Suffocated again
I can’t get it off my chest
I’m falling down

I became a punisher of myself
wasting hours, wasting days
that’s my mistake
a war in my head
I can’t even breath
my heart is beating more and more

Chorus again.

Now that I look back
I can see myself
Wasting too much time,
I’m down and out again
But this life is too short

When problems come, there’s always a way out (x4)
“Don’t let fear, rule your mind”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Spending time anticipating problems that probably never come is a common disfuncional behaviour we need to modify. When anxiety or fear rule our minds, our dreams are over"

"Malgastar el tiempo anticipando problemas que probablemente nunca lleguen es una práctica disfuncional que necesitamos cambiar. Cuando la ansiedad o el miedo dominan nuestras mentes, nuestros sueños están acabados"
Track Name: September
This is the interlude. Or maybe the intro for the B side of the vinyl.
Track Name: Endless Summer Life
I woke up today
Feeling something
There’s no word to name it
it came to my mind
and made me understand

Understand we gotta thrive
Understand we gotta grow
It’s time to go confidently
To our dreams

Let’s live the life we use to imagine – we cannot let dreams go
Breaking the stats - It’s time to live
our endless summer life

Driving back home
Listening to Cro-Mags
The Age of Quarrel
Was sounding in the van

No barrier to wear us down
There’s no limit we can see
It’s time to go confidently
To our dreams

Chorus again.

This time I swear I will not quit
It’s not a question of trying or not
It’s one for all, and all for one
We gotta live our endless summer life

An endless summer life (x2)
An endless summer.

Chorus again.

This time I swear I will not quit
It’s not a question of trying or not
It’s one for all, and all for one
We gotta live our endless summer life

An endless summer life (x2)

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” (Henry David Thoreau)

"Ve con confianza en dirección a tus sueños. Vive la vida que has imaginado" (Henry David Thoreau)
Track Name: Five Feet And Offshore
I got no job
I took the dole money
In days like this
I’ve got one thing in my mind
I’m gonna make an invert air
and land an A.R.S.
Nothing to worry about
I love my life right now

Here come the waves
A south west swell
Another day of five feet and offshore!

Today is totally
On my way
With my mates and five feet and offshore!


I’m feeling great
It’s Monday morning
Picked my friends up
The spot is pumping well
Barrels breaking like Backdoor
East wind blowing in my face
Now is when I feel I need no fucking more!

Chorus again.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Another song about bodyboarding in the sunny winter of the Atlantic coast of Andalusia. Sometimes, being an unemployed with some dole money could be a great chance to enjoy this life!"

"Otra canción sobre practicar bodyboard en el soleado invierno de la costa atlántica de Andalucía. A veces, ser un desempleado con un poco de dinero del paro puede ser una gran oportunidad de disfrutar esta vida!"
Track Name: The Big Lie
Yesterday I was staring at the south
Trying to understand what is dividing us
Walking down the beach watch the other shore
I couldn’t see that line; just could see a big lie

Another shipwreck happened
Victims of so-called progress
They were just looking for a better future here
Don’t tell me about justice
While you’re defending nation-states
It’s time to take a stand and fight what’s really unfair

Let’s make this world a better place to live

A place where we can do whatever we want to
Fighting together to make our dreams true
A place for human beings, with no nation-states
Evolving together fighting against greed

This is the biggest lie
That we’ve been forced to believe
To save the upper class, to make the richest win
Here is their biggest crime
Borders and customs on the maps
How could we believe in such big tyranny?

Let’s make this world a better place to dream

Chorus again.

I won’t wave your fucking flag
I’ll never take part of your national pride
Let’s erase those borders that separate us
Never pledge alliance to nations and flags

We’ll never see freedom
While borders exist
You riches, you patriots
You have to understand:

My nation’s the planet
My country’s the Earth
My land’s under my feet

I won’t wave your flag

Chorus again.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Living between Euorpe and Africa makes you realise how cinic and hypocrite could be the human being. Borders are all artifitial and are all responsible of thousand of murders of men, women and kids in our coasts. Social justice and equallity will never come while nations and countries exist. Nation-States have to be destroyed -no matter the way we use- if we want to see a better world for human and no human animals"

"El hecho de vivir entre Europa y África te hace ver cómo de cínico o hipócrita puede llegar a ser el ser humano. Las fronteras son todas artificiales y son las responsables de miles de asesinatos de hombre, mujeres y niños en nuestas costas. La justicia social y la igualdad nunca serán posible mientras existan naciones y países. Las naciones-estados deben ser destruídas -da igual el método que se utilice para ello- si queremos ver un mundo mejor"
Track Name: Another Unity Song
Sometimes we feel this world’s so cruel and it’s too hard to take control
We need to stop to realize we are not really alone in this life
you and me, together in this fight, we’ll solve whatever comes
we’ll overcome the walls, BREAK DOWN THE WALLS!

“If we all unite, there’s nothing they can do”

I know maybe we’ll never change this world
At least I fucking tried that’s what we all can say
With hope, FEARLESS, facing reality
We improve, think and create, design our destiny
If you are feeling weak…
If you always lose…
Stop screaming alone
Come and join to sing this unity song!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"You are not in this alone. Let's make unity something real and not only a slogan for a cool song! UNITY!"

"No estás en esto sólx. Hagamos de la unidad algo real y no sólo un eslogan guay para una canción. UNIDAD!"
Track Name: Minority Of One
It's time to understand
that we'll never be a part
of your social welfare state of cars, money and t.v
Now I'm twenty nine, but I am still a teenager
this song talks about punks, skins and hardcore warriors.

We are the ones running against the grain
we are always fucked up
we are minority of one

living under pressure
it was fucking hard for me
once I found myself in solitude, am I in this alone?
freedom's just a choice between life or death
to resist or fall
No, I won't fit in your mold

Chorus again.

blacker than the black sheep
in Minor Threat LP
Trying to find some solid ground
trying to ignore the flock
the point is not to be special
I'm not trying to win the race
I just want to be myself

Chorus again.

trying to find myself
always against the grain
cause I refuse to live with
refuse to live with walking dead

oooh – we're minority of one (x2)

'against the grain, always against the grain, I don't want to live with the walking dead, even if I stand alone, I rather be a minority of one'

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Nobody said being different would be easy. If you are one of those who have truly decided to be nothing but yourself, then you will know perfectly what this song is about."

"Nadie dijo que ser diferente fuera fácil. Si tú eres unx de esxs que auténticamente han decidido ser nada excepto unx mismx, entonces sabrás perfectamente de qué trata esta canción"
Track Name: Never Get Old
Another year that passes by, and I can feel the pressure rising
This is my declaration of war against my fucking generation
There was a time when we were friends now you are so fucking boring
I miss those days when you were young
I miss those days, I miss those fucking days

If you have money or you have fame, just think if they stole what you once were.
You are not young anymore, don't deserve it, fell into a trap
An adult trap, to forget to play, to forget to laugh.

It’s what I am, it’s all I wanna be
I’m just a stupid kid and I don’t want to grow old!
A minor at heart. don’t wanna get old
I won’t forget to have fun!!
Call me stupid, tell me I’m wrong
tell me what I should have to do
"kids untill we fucking die!" I can't believe what my eyes are seeing
another friend lost in his age, killing the child we all have inside
I guess you are ill, and you got sick
You’re infected and your disease is growing old

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"It's sad to see how my friends from the school are getting older and stop having fun. Becoming an adult means succumbing and to stop being yourself. It means, definitely, stop living."

"Es triste ver cómo tus amigos de la infancia/adolescencia se hacen mayores y dejan de divertirse. Convertirse en adulto es sucumbir ante lo establecido, es dejar de ser unx mismx, es, en definitiva, dejar de vivir.
Track Name: Turning Point
Every time I look around me
I see something is wrong
I feel the weight of this world
Crashing down strong on us

Injustice increasing everyday
Police brutality, in every street, and nothing happens!

Another worker’s fired
Another child that cries
We walk away as if that was something we don’t care
If we don’t get involved
then we are the ones to blame
(there’s) blood in our hands if we turn our backs

If the future is our, why can’t we make the change now?
We are lost in the details, we are trapped in regrets
Dreaming of tomorrow, and sell our today

We got a responsibility to fight and change this world,
and make this moment a real turning point

Turning Point (x2)

Where is solidarity?
Where’s the urgency to fight?
We need each other to destroy
To destroy what is killing us

Chorus again.

Turning point

Turning point

We need to build new bridges and tear down their world of pain
If we dream together, if we fight together…

We need to build new bridges and tear down their world of pain
If we dream together, if we fight together we can win
Our time is up
We must speak out

We shall overcome and bring out the spring of springs.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"This song is inspired by the protest occured since 2010 in the Spanish State - and also in the rest of Europe- motivated by the "financial crisis" and the scandals of corruption between the political class. This has to be the turning point towards a real social change!"

"Esta canción esta inspirada en las protestas que acontecen en el Estado Español - y también en muchos Estados europeos- desde 2010 con motivo de la mal llamada "crisis financiera" y los escándalos de la clase política. Este tiene que ser el punto de inflexión hacia un cambio real en la sociedad!"