by Minority Of One

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You can download for free this record. Just go to our FB page. However, as you may know, we are a totally DIY band and we have had to pay a lot from our pockets to afford the cost of recording, mixing and mastering (with Stephen Egerton in USA), the artwork, merch, the two videoclips...and this time also de edition, as we founded our own "label" to release the vinyl. So we will be very pleased if you support buying the record digitally, or the vinyl or some merch.


released June 21, 2016

Produced by Pablo Magallanes.
Recorded by Rafa Camisón @ Estudio 79 (Jerez, Andalusia) in August 2015.
Mixed and Mastered by Stephen Egerton @ Armstrong Recording (Tulsa, USA) between autumn 2015 and winter 2016.
Artwork by Annie Walter (

In this record Minority Of One were:

Adri – Drums, screaming vocals.
Javi – Bass, backing vocals.
Ángel – Guitar, backing vocals.
Pablo Magallanes – Guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals.
Fede – Vocals, acoustic guitar.

Guest musicians:

Stephen Egerton – Guitar on "Orange & Violet" and "Remedies For Pain"
Rafa Camisón – Percussion on "Orange & Violet", "Guilty" and "Doubts"
Daniel Llamas – Vocals on "Never Quit"
Koe Casas – Keys on "Guilty" and "Memories"



all rights reserved


Minority Of One Andalucía, Spain

Five guys involved in the Andalusian Hardcore/Punk scene since years, playing melodic core and singing about politics, PMA, bodyboarding and the scene.

Born in 2011, the current members in Minority Of One played in Truth Through Fight, a youth crew hc band with a bunch of issues released and several tours through America or Europe.

MO1 supports veg(etari)an lifestyle and DIY ethic.
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Track Name: War Beyond Classwar
War Beyond Classwar.

Beyond classwar
there is a struggle
and I am my own enemy
there's no enemy but me

Molotov cocktails
and barricades
I ignite the flame
ignite the flame
the flame to kill myself

Inside my head
you see me again
fighting insecurities
it's a war against myself
Alone in this battleground
is anybody there?
there's a war under my skin

There will be quiet
after the storm
I need to find my inner peace
but I feel so alone

There comes the time
in ever man's life
when this battle has to be fought
and there's no escape from this


Chorus again.

"De nada sirve la guerra de clases o la lucha social si éstas no están acompañadas de una lucha contra nosotrxs mismxs. Bajo nuestra piel existe un frente abierto, un auténtico campo de batalla donde luchamos solxs contra nuestros miedos, inseguridades, complejos,...No habrá victoria política o social, sin emancipación psicológica"

"Beyond classwar, we all are fighting an inner war against our insecurities and fears. This is one of the hardest war we can fight in. A battleground where we all struggle completely alone. There won't be social or political victory without a total psychological emancipation"
Track Name: Green Eyes
Green Eyes

She was only a girl
abandoned in this world
there's no one on her side
no shoulder to cry on

in school no girl wanted to be her friend
she hated everything around her
she was alone
will it ever end?

Mary is a teenage now
next week she'll turn sixteen
she punched her teacher
the court said "you're guilty"

guilty of being poor, maltreated and alone
at the reform school she cries
every night
she promises herself:

"It has to end
I'll find my way
and if no one cares
I will rise up
and start to love myself
I'll find my way
beyond these walls
I'll take my life back
I swear I will prevail"

Chorus again.

"Resilience is the only way out for many kids and teenagers who are living in residential care homes or penitentiary institutions for minors. This song has been inspired by some real stories of teenagers who faced situations of extreme adversity and could manage to change them into oportunities for personal growth and self-improvement"

"La resiliencia es la única salida para aquellxs niñxs y adolescentes que se encuentran en centros de protección de menores o de reforma juvenil. Esta canción esta inspirada en historias reales de superación y crecimiento personal ante verdaderas situaciones de extrema adversidad, y dedicada a todxs lxs chavales y chavalas que luchan por encontrar su camino desde estas instituciones"
Track Name: Never Quit (feat. Dani Llamas on vocals)
Never Quit.

It's another day you have to face
nightmares and memories
didn't let you sleep last night
The sun above you
doesn't shine like years before
and there's a voice inside your head
saying everything is done

saying everything is done

It's another day you have to face
nightmares and memories
didn't let you sleep last night
Nothing is like before

Never quit
Don't give up
don't let sadness rule your heart
a fighter never quits

like fighter who lost his strength
you can rest now, but never quit my friend
death can't stop your love

Chorus again.

"Inspired by and dedicated to Mari Luz Cortes's son"
"Inspirada en y dedicada al hijo de Mari Luz Cortés"
Track Name: D.B.

D.B. was a southern worker
a rebel with a cause
he was a heroe he fought the law
He acted on what he preached

Your example has been laid
For those who fight authority
It seems that History
forgot about you
Wherever you are now
we made this song for you

Not only a member in the union
knowledge was your passion
You taught the worker's children to read
to write and to be free

Your thoughts and words couldn't be stopped
not in that jail
or when those fascists killed you in 36

D.B. Was not only a worker
he fought authority
He dreamed of a world with no oppression
He acted on what he preached

Chorus again.

"D.B. is a contraction for 'Diego Rodríguez de Barbosa', an anarchist worker from Chiclana de la Frontera (Andalusia – South Spain). As many of the Andalusian anarchists in the early years of the past century he was also a vegetarian and a naturalist,a trade unionist from the CNT, a writer, a teacher for the workers sons and daughters, a free thinker,... The fascist troops killed him in the beginning of the Spanish Civil war. They killed a man, but his life keeps being an inspiration for those who believe in a better world"

"D.B. son las siglas de 'Diego Rodríguez de Barbosa', una anarquista de Chiclana de la Frontera (Andalucía). Como muchos de los anarquistas que había en Andalucía en el primer tercio del siglo pasado, fue también vegetariano, naturalista, sindicalista de la CNT, escritor, profesor para los hijos e hijas de los obreros, un libre pensador. Los fascista mataron a Diego en 1936, no obstante, su ejemplo, como el de otrxs muchxs anarquistas de la época, sigue siendo una gran fuente de inspiración para aquellxs que sueñan con un mundo mejor"
Track Name: Remedies For Pain (feat. Stephen Egerton on guitar)
Remedies For Pain.

When I was younger I realised
there's something wrong in this society
I hated everything around me
I never fitted
in any fucking place


I'm not looking for acceptance
I've got nothing to prove to this world
I've got my music, I've got my friends
They are my remedies for pain

I'm not looking for acceptance
never wanted to be a part of you
I've got my music, I've got my friends
They are my remedies for pain

I'm still the same kid I was before
dreaming of a better world
I'm still screaming for a change
I still follow a different drum

I found my way to survive
Refusing your lies
I don't need to win the gold
Yes I know which are my goals

And I can feel the same feelings
that I had yesterday
about hating your world

And I won't waste a second more
in empty minds like yours
I rather be alone!

Chorus again.

"Be yourself. Find your way. Destoy traditions. Listen to Uniform Choice"
"Sé tú mismx. Encuentra tu camino. Destruye las tradiciones. Ecucha a Uniform Choice"
Track Name: Orange & Violet (feat. Stephen Egerton on guitar)
Orange & Violet

The sun is falling down
and the wind stopping
in a hidden secret spot

as if they were sent by gods
last lines are coming
through an ocean turned oil

I wish I could live forever days like these
so close to liberty
I'm feeling so complete
there's nothing else I need
All my sadness fades away
I'm feeling so complete

those colors in the sky
here comes the sunset
while I wait for one more wave

Like it was a medicine
but it taste like heaven
the salt is healing all my wounds

Chorus again.

Orange and violet (x4)

"This is another song about bodyboarding in the 'Coast Of Light' (Cádiz). This one specifically talks about last waves of an epic winter day in a secret spot"

"Ésta es otra canción sobre bodyboard en la costa de Cádiz. Ésta, en concreto, habla de las últimas olas de un día épico en un secret spot"
Track Name: No Gender
No Gender.

Give me back my other wing
I need it to fly
I need to fly beyond
beyond those limits now
Give me back what is mine!

It is so cruel, it isn't fair
it is not a mistake
it is a fucking plan
I'm sure they won't admit

Condemned since my birth
we're conditioned, we're classified
they killed half of myself!

Give me back my other wing
I need it to fly
I need to fly beyond
beyond those limits now
Give me back what is mine!

We will never reach the sky
We will never see the light
We need to get out and fly
get out from these cages now
and take back my other half!

Kill the gender!

Before we are born
they label us
and make us all believe
there are things we can't do
according to our sex

we should realise
is no longer enough
we can't be free at all
while gender guides our thoughts!

Chorus again.

No gender.

"El género es un constructo sociocultural que nos limita y oprime como seres humanos. El sexismo no sólo está representado por aquellxs que defienden la sociedad patriarcal, sino también por aquellas personas que se esfuerzan por que lxs humanxs nos comportemos de un modo u otro según lo que tengamos entre nuestras piernas. La igualdad real es el fin de los géneros"

"Gender is a sociocultural construct that oppresses and limits us. Sexism is not only supported by those who defend the patriarchy, it is also supported by people who still believe that humans have to behave according to what they have between their legs. Real equality is the end of the genders"
Track Name: Bonds

When I look at you
Your eyes tell me
we are made of the same thing

An abandoned ship
in shallow water
trying not to sink

We wanna live we wanna laugh
as if tomorrow will never come
and if this harsh realm knocks the door
this sound will keep us all afloat

Exhausted or letdown
we know defeats made us who we are
We'll never be winners or champs
We are just losers full of hope

This is the sound that makes us feel alive
and brings us together
we are still stuck to the same vibe
A bond that never dies!

When I look at you
Your eyes tell me
we are made of the same thing

An abandoned ship
in shallow water
trying not to sink

Chorus again.

"Years are passing by and we are still in love with punk rock and hardcore. This is the sound that keeps us afloat when we are down and out"

"Los años pasan y seguimos enamorados con el punk rock y el hardcore. Éste es el sonido que nos mantiene a flote cuando estamos verdaderamente jodidos"
Track Name: Guilty

It's not enough to say that I'm sorry
it's not enough
to admit we are the ones to blame
I'm guilty of committing a murder
It's not enough to cry for the mistakes that we made

We are not gods
We're not kings of this world
we are running out of time
we are losing touch and sight

We can't stay in this waiting room forever
now is the day we have to cross that line
Questioning civilisation
Can't you hear the call of nature now?

Let's liberate our planet Earth
from the human sins we made
this world doesn't belong to you and me
when will we understand

religion, science
won't bring the truth
mother culture isn't right
we gotta leave those illusions behind
yeah it's time to rearrange
it's time to rearrange

It's not enough to say that I'm sorry
it's not enough
to admit we are the ones to blame

We can't stay in this waiting room forever
now's the day we have to cross that line
Questioning civilisation
Can't you hear the voice of nature now?

Chorus again.

"Based on the novel 'Ishmael' by Daniel Quinn"

"Basada en la novela 'Ishmael' de Daniel Quinn"
Track Name: Doubts

Sometimes we need that help
to go through all the pain
'cause this life can be so hard
and we cannot fight alone

It's easy to lose faith
when everything turns grey
I'm lucky I could find you
in this ocean of doubts

I could hear you
on those dark days
in middle of self doubts you made me go through
I've found the way
thanks to your words
“We Are One”

those words healed my wounds
they helped me to go on
a path paved down before
I know I won't be alone

Chorus again.

"There are always helpful and positive ideas or words to connect with when you are going through bad situations or hard times. Like a message in a bottle, they are hidden in conversations, books, movies or lyrics in a song. It's up to you to open your senses to receive them"

"En los momentos más difíciles siempre hay palabras o ideas con las que conectar y tomar energía para creer en uno mismo y seguir adelante. Como mensajes en una botella, éstas ideas o palabras se esconden en conversaciones, libros, diálogos en películas o en letras de algunas canciones. Solo tenemos que abrir bien nuestros ojos y oídos para poder percibirlas"
Track Name: Switching Sides
Switching Sides.

Hey brother
I can't stand this situation
I'm unemployed
and my children are starving

So I'm here right now
we can be stronger with your help
our misery comes from their greed
we must fight united

it's not only a question
of revenge or dignity
we can't live through this
it's time to stop this madness

I see my neighbours
tonight we agreed to take the streets
and we won't wait a minute more
we won't wait a minute

Switching sides
the fear is switching sides

The hour "h" will be tonight
I see my comrades on my side
our unity gives us strength
and there's no leader among us

not only a question
of revenge or dignity
we can't live through this
it's time to stop this madness

Chorus again.

Tonight we won't be slaves no more!
The fear is switching sides!

"In the winter of 1892 dozens of anarchists took the city of Jerez de la Frontera (Andalusia – South Spain) shouting hails to anarchy and death to bourgeoise, and trying to start a revolution to finish with the hunger, misery and desperation suffered by the workers. Although this insurrection was suddenly repressed, at least for one night, the fear switched sides. In memory of the 'martyrs from Jerez'"

"En en invierno de 1892 deceneas de anarquistas tomaron la ciudad de Jerez de la Frontera (Andalucía) gritando vivas a la anarquía y muerte a la burguesía, tratando de comenzar una revolución que acabara con el hambre, la miseria y desesperación de los obreros y campesinos de la campiña jerezana. Aunque esta insurreción fue rápida y duramente reprimida, al menos por una noche, el miedo cambió de bando. En memoria de los 'mártires de Jerez'"
Track Name: Memories

So many years passed away
and we're still the same boys you knew
still goofy maybe naive
the road shaped our convictions

We try to keep the flame alive
keep trying and never hide
behind these words I'm sure you'll find
more than true love.

Dedication leads the way
towards the bonds of friendship
And effort makes us all believe
we can do any thing

We try to keep the flame alive
keep trying and never hide
behind these words I'm sure you'll find
more than true love.

These memories are stuck in my mind
we keep on trying and never hide.

"For more than ten years we all in MO1 played in Truth Through Fight. This song is about all what we shared during those years"

"Por más de diez años todos en MO1 tocamos en Truth Through Fght. Esta canción es sobre todo aquello que compartimos en aquellos años"